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As With Roses
The True Untold Story of Obadiah Holmes

The road to religious freedom is one that is bathed in the blood of Baptist persecution.

As With Roses is the compelling true story of Obadiah Holmes, a Baptist preacher who lived in the early American Massachusetts colony. His commitment to sharing the Baptist doctrine of faith was a serious threat to the standing order of the Congregational Church and its governing authority. When Obadiah openly denounces that authority, and the practice of infant baptism, he is arrested and subjected to cruel punishment that goes beyond the level of offenses, including thirty lashes at the whipping post in Boston on September 5, 1651.  Because of this cruel punishment,  King Charles II granted pastor John Clarke permission to write the charter of Rhode Island in 1663, the first document in America granting religious freedom to any who resided there, and the basis for religious freedom in our current U.S. Constitution.  As With Roses is a story of religious persecution, of Baptist perseverance in the face of immense suffering, and of God's amazing deliverance.  You need to see this film!  You need to teach your children their true heritage! 

It's time for the truth to be told!


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Ray's Baptist Succession

The Most Convenient Hand-book of Baptist History that has Ever been Published.
This work should be owned by every Baptist;

First: Because it answers with historical facts, the usual objections to Baptist antiquity.

Second: Because it arranges the historical facts showing the chain of Baptist succession up to the apostolic age.

Third: Because it contains the historical accounts of the fearful persecutions in which millions of Baptist have been slaughtered during the dark ages.

Finally: This book should have a general circulation, because it is arranged to suit the capacities and wants of the common people. Any average member of the church with the Bible and this book, may successfully defend the Baptist against the attacks of other denominations.



Trials and Sufferings for Religious Liberty
 in New England

Written by J R Graves

Baptist that came to America for religious freedom did not initially find it here. There were persecuted severely because they did not believe in infant baptism; because they did believe in baptism by immersion; and because they stood for the Truth of the Word of God. Follow some of these first suffering saints through their trials, through prison, the public whipping post, and even to death as they "suffer for the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ."

The second part of this book answers the question: "Which Baptist Church is the oldest Baptist Church in America?" IT covers well the faith and testimony of John Clark, and reveals the confused history and false dates surrounding our knowledge of the First Baptist Church of Providence, Rhode Island. These chapters show that Roger Williams was never  the pastor as, " is well known that he was a Baptist for only four months!"